Eitan Doron is a world renowned chef, kitchen designer and
culinary business consultant with over 20 years of global experience.
Working with the top chefs in the industry, Eitan has accumulated plenty of
knowledge regarding setting up restaurants for success in the long term. He
has been a part of building long running restaurants and hotels in Australia,
Ukraine, Israel and more.

His latest project “La fête”, a boutique catering service operating in Costa
del Sol and Gibraltar, is one of his most ambitious and refreshing to date.
Chef Doron’s practice in kitchen design and the “backstage” of the
restaurants he worked with helps him be in control of every single facet of
restaurant building and creating a personal and adaptable chef’s itinerary.
Opening a well run restaurant in 2024 is no easy feat, having Eitan Doron
on your team sets you up for greatness in all places, including those which
are not visible to the diners and investors, with his hard working attitude,
meticulous attention to details and his understanding of culinary trends and